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    The power of erotic massage

    Erotic massage is a mysterious type of massage aimed at restoring sexual energy, this massage is a technique that only true Geishas have. Trust your body to professionals, and you will feel a surge of energy and bliss on yourself.
    And now I will tell you a secret how a kind of erotic massage appeared. Only shh … no one. This type of massage appeared many millennia ago, but already then men noticed the magical properties of erotic massage on themselves. For example, in India, before the hunting season, women gave an erotic male massage to hunters, after which they brought loot 2 times more than usual.
    In China, erotic massage has become famous as a healing massage. It was the Chinese who proved that erotic massage relieves stress, internal clips and even helps to fight depression. It was in this country that the appearance of erotic massage was opened for couples.

    Erotic body massage – pleasure and spiritual growth.

    For the first time about body massage started talking in Japan, then this type of massage had a completely different name – relaxation session. Body massage is a massage, the final stage of which should end with relaxation, both spiritual and physical.

    Erotic massage healing of body and soul.

    Nowadays, everyone is accustomed to perceive erotic massage as a massage to satisfy physical male needs. But few people looked deeper. And deeper – true healing of the soul and body.
    Let’s take a look at what erotic massage is and what erotic massage techniques are.
    Erotic massage is a type of massage that is aimed at the center of male forces, it restores male energy, improves the quality of potency, and frees the body from negative drives.

    Healthy body erotic massage – healthy mind

    Hello dear reader, today we will examine a very important and interesting topic of the connection between body and mind, how erotic body massage affects the body’s systems.
    Let’s start with the main, what is the body?

    Body massage – relaxation

    Hello, today we will examine the theme of relaxation during a session of erotic body massage.

    – What types of relaxation are there.

    – If relaxation did not occur norm or deviation.

    – The number of relaxations in one session of erotic body massage

    And we will reveal to you the secret of how to make the moment of relaxation more vivid and disturbing.

    Erotic massage is one of the important tools for the care of the state of the soul and body.

    We are all accustomed to caring for ourselves through the usual things such as:
    manicure, pedicure, haircut, cosmetologist, dentist, and so on, but only
    units of people use erotic massage as a means for body care.
    Let’s take a closer look. Directly during the work of erotic